Thursday, October 1, 2009

One year ago today

I was sitting in the hospital, big fat and pregnant, waiting for the OB on call to come around and check me so we could get the induction party started.

I looked like this:
That's 10+ lbs of baby and a lot of amniotic fluid in there, yo.

It was a busy day in the baby ward, and it was almost noon before the OB got there to check me. He broke my waters (and there was a lot) and we were on our way!

We had a fabulous L&D nurse, Ann (who took this charming picture - don't we look relaxed?)

She was a crack up and helped keep my mind off the fact I was about to deliver a ginormous baby. The contractions started increasing after my water was broke and I spent a few hours on the birthing ball, leaned over the bed and making permanent grip impressions on the hub's hands.

A couple hours later I'd decided I'd suffered enough and called for the epidural. The sweet, blessed epidural. I know giving birth is a very personal experience, and in my experience, I do best with adequate pain management. That's all I'm gonna say on that.

So after I was relegated to the bed, we popped in The Princess Bride and waited for my body to progress. It did, beautifully (according to Ann, anyway) and by 6ish, I was ready to push - we just had to wait for the OB who was busy delivering a set of twins.

But he finally arrived and at 6:42 pm, the kidlet made her way out into the world. All 10lb 6.5oz of her.

That's a big baby!

All clean and snuggly.

Happy Birthday baby girl! You have gotten to be So Big!

The poor dear is sick with rotavirus and yet another ear infection, so she can't even really enjoy it.


WinterBlog said...

You looked fantastic preggers!!! Time to think about a third???

KAS said...

The hub is on the fence, I think I definitely want a third. I think we want to wait another year, though. We're planning on moving soon and want to get that out of the way and settled before we start trying again.