Friday, October 2, 2009

They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight

Shunting trucks and hauling freight...

Last weekend, we went to the Day Out With Thomas event at a scenic/historic railroad about two hours away. It was a great time!

It's Thomas!

The hub and the kiddo with Thomas. There were also electric trolly rides available, but the kiddo thought the whistle was too loud.

You could buy a ticket to go on a train ride where Thomas "pulled" the train. You got to sit in the coach cars and watch the landscape whiz by! Okay, so the train didn't exactly whiz along, but it was fun to ride in a Real Life Coach Car.

The kiddo waits for the train to leave.

Watching the scenery pass by.

He decided you could get a better view if you actually stuck your head *out* of the window.

The kidlet wasn't quite as excited about Thomas, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

Grandpa was silly and tried to get her to wear his hat.

After the train ride, you could walk around the area and do all sorts of fun things. They had a tent set up with coloring pages, stamps, and trains to play with; a train car where they had story time; pictures with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt; and of course a gift shop tent where you could buy just about anything Thomas-related your little heart desired.

The kidlet thought it was more fun to practice walking with Grandpa.

She's getting closer to walking on her own!

But it sure took a lot of concentration!

Because we waited so long (what? us procrastinate? Never!), the only time that fit in our schedule (and still had tickets available) was 9am on Saturday morning. It actually ended up being a good thing; we got there right away and were able to see Thomas up close and do the other activities without having to wait in much of a line. It was a little cool, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

All these shots were taken on my Canon (now that it's working again. Yay!). I kept trying different settings, though, and some of my pictures ended up being too underexposed. I edited all of them in Photoshop CS4 using the Pioneer Woman actions Boost (at 30%) and Warmth (at 25%) to help counteract the coolness of the morning light. There are a few I really like, but I need a lot more practice. I should unearth my Understanding Exposure book, too, that I've been meaning to read for forever.

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