Monday, November 30, 2009

I heart tooshies

The fine ladies at iheartfaces are turning things around this week. Literally! By popular demand, it's I Heart Tooshies week.

I'd hoped to use a cute one of the kidlet from her birthday party when she was crawling away from me and all you can see is the brown of her tights and onesie and then an explosion of tulle from her tutu. But that didn't look as good when I tried to crop and edit it (there were some toys in the foreground that were bothering me).

So I searched through my photos and found this one instead:

It's from our trip to the pumpkin patch in October and happens to contain my three favorite tooshies. The kiddo and the hub were pulling the wagon to pay for the pumpkins and the kidlet was having a blast "helping" by "pushing" the wagon. I tried out some different actions before I settled on this one. I like how it gives a faded feel.

Check out all the other cute tooshies at iheartfaces. You might even try and pinch a few through your screen!


Anonymous said...

What a great I♥Tooshie entry!I really love a photo that tells a story and this one works! Hope that you have a great week~ mindy

Tomara said...

Ssweet photo! I love the dad/kid pictures! Cute little tooshie!

Jan said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!