Monday, November 30, 2009

Nervous and a new bed!

So last we met on Thursday, I was all excited about my new KitchenAid mixer and bemoaning the fact I had to get up early for insane Black Friday shopping.

The shopping went smashingly. Got all the deals I was looking for and my Christmas shopping is about 67% finished. Yay!

However, once we got home on Saturday, I started actually researching the mixer I bought. And I saw some unnerving things. That the motor burns out easily. That it leaks oil. That the gears strip and scatter metal shavings into whatever delicacy you're mixing at the time. Granted, out of nearly 700 reviews on Amazon, those only account for about 50 of them. But still, it's enough to give me pause.

And the kicker is that I saw the 90th anniversary mixer at the store (remember, they were sold out online) and was very tempted to buy it and then take the other one back once it arrived. But I decided against it. Now I really wish I would have. Argh. I'm always second guessing myself like that!

Oh well, as the hub tried to calm me down last night, he reminded me that ours could be perfectly fine. We don't even have it yet! Just in case, I've been hunting down old (and I mean old, like mid-60s) KA mixers on different auction sites.

One good thing came out of the weekend, at least. The hub and I bought a new bed.

Isn't it purty?

We've been using a cobbled-together monstrosity that the hub built himself with 2x6 boards and steel bolts the year he graduated college - 11 years ago. It does the job, but it sure ain't pretty. I saw the special in one of the furniture ads from this weekend and we went and looked at it yesterday after church.

It's solid, sturdy and looks a heckuva lot better than what we have now. Sold! It should be here tomorrow.

That will also be a good incentive to finally clean behind/under the bed and get rid of the army of dust bunnies that has slowly been mobilizing since our last major cleaning in May. We also need to fix and touch up some of the trim behind the bed. Just one (small) step closer to getting back to the farm!

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