Monday, November 16, 2009

This and That

I feel like I haven't had time for a proper post lately. We've been here and there and everywhere the last few weeks. I took the kiddos up to my parent's this past weekend so grandma could babysit and I could go to the final football game of the year (thanks Grandma!) The hub came up the next day and has been helping my dad with farm work. It's good practice for next year.

We have some big decisions coming up in the next few months:
- when to move
- to build or to buy
- what will I do? Stay at home? Freelance? Find a job in town/in a nearby town?

So many things to think about!

One of the good things is the outside of our house is finally DONE! We had the exterior repainted and a new roof put on. It took ages because the weather decided to quit cooperating sometime in mid September, but now it's finished and it looks lovely! The color went from a strange butterscotch to a lovely olivey-brown. The flashing around the chimney is fixed so that means no more water in our bedroom! And the hub has been slowly working on refinishing the screened-in-porch upstairs. We have some touch-up work to do inside (okay, a lot of touch-up work in some rooms) but then it will be all ready to put on the market. The most difficult thing will be keeping it presentable for showings. Not too easy with two boisterous children running around.

I'm excited about the next chapter in our lives. Nervous, but excited.

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