Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where I've been

I managed to find a great deal on a ticket to Phoenix to fly out and see one of my good friends from college. So that's what I did last weekend.

I flew out on Thursday afternoon (with a layover in Denver) and arrived in Phoenix around 8:30.

I don't mind flying, it's kind of fun.

And you get to see some great scenery.

I had a great time in Arizona. My friend and I hiked two mornings, went shopping, went out to eat, went shopping again, and just had fun. I hadn't seen her since last March (more than 18 months ago), but it's always like no time has passed when we get together.

It was difficult to leave the 85-degree weather and come home on Sunday (on an early morning flight no less!) but I managed to make it, despite a very bumpy connecting flight from Denver to Iowa.

Home sweet home state.

The hub and the kids went to the ILs so the hub could help FIL with his field work and the kids could wear out Grandma. I do believe both were accomplished. This weekend we have plans to head up to my parents so the hub can help my dad with their field work. It's been an unusually late harvest due to weather, and help is always appreciated. Besides, it's good training for the hub for next year.

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