Friday, December 4, 2009

Harvest time

I'm finally getting around to uploading the pictures from our trip back to the farms over Thanksgiving.

The kiddo was very excited about seeing Papa's big tractor, so Thursday afternoon, after we'd eaten our fill and rested our stomachs, he and I went out to help Papa (my dad) do chores.

It was a bit chilly, but every good Farmer needs a seed corn company hat. This is a classic. We <3 Latham Seeds!

Papa helped us up to the big tractor. Aside, that stocking cap my dad is wearing is older than I am, but it's the only one he will wear in the winter.

We had fun "driving" the tractor, too (but we had to take the key out, so it wouldn't be noisy).

Ah, corn. The bounty of the harvest.

Watching the combine finish a row

And then dump its load into an awaiting truck

Once the truck is full, it's taken back to the farm where the corn is dumped into the dryer pit so it can be dried to the proper moisture content to be stored in one of the silos grain bins. (Thanks for correcting me, dad.)

That look like this. (Actually, those are the silos, I didn't take a picture of the grain bins).

Of course, every farm needs a good farm dog. This is Smokey. She's a Blue Heeler, a good cattle dog.

The field they were working at is just east of the home farm, and there's some great scenery around it (even though I broke a cardinal photography rule with this one - the horizon should not be centered in the photo!)

To get there, you take an old gravel road. Not too far off the turn is this big, old cottonwood tree. You can see it from our farm when the corn is out. Dad claims it was a landmark for the old settlers. I can believe it, you can see that tree for miles. There used to be some bittersweet that grew around the base of the tree near the surrounding fence, but sadly it all died when the field got sprayed.

Just down the road from the farm, there's a wind farm. It's neat to see all the generators, though it was a shock at first - there's just so many of them!

There was also a beautiful sunset that night. Another weak attempt at sun flare. I'll get better, I just need more practice!

Lovely. *sigh*

This is the latest harvest in more than 50 years. I still don't know if they're completely done.

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