Friday, December 18, 2009

iheartfaces - Constructive Feedback Friday

Instead of the usual fix-it Friday, today is Constructive Feedback Friday on iheartfaces. Amateurs (like me!) can post a photo and get tips/edits/feedback from pros on how to make the photo better - either through composing the photo prior to taking the pic or doing some post-processing editing work.

I took this photo of the kiddo when we were at the farm for Thanksgiving. We're riding in the pickup to go see the combine working out in the field. That's my dad behind him. The photo was taken around 3:30 in the afternoon, and the sun is already starting to set by that time. No flash, playing with different camera settings.

Here's my straight out of camera shot and here's a link to the full-rez photo.

- Taken with a Canon Rebel XTi
- 1/160 shutter speed
- shutter priority
- f/3.5
- ISO 200
- 28mm

And then a quick edit job (just levels/curves) to lighten it a little:

I use Photoshop CS4 on a Mac for all my photography stuff.

Things I love about the photo: the catchlights in the kiddo's eyes (I can never seem to get those!), his goofy sort-of smile (so him!).

Things I don't like: the overall darkness (especially the shadows on the left side), the blue sky on the top right corner (distracting?).

Any comments, suggestions, edits are much, much, much appreciated! I'm always trying to learn how to take (and edit) better photos.

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American Mum said...

Oh my goodness! Two redheads in a row. I love it!

The eyes are right on and you captured a nice moment. The only advice I could give you is a brighter exposure by shooting in manual to completely control your settings, although it's possible you were shooting as wide open as you could. But in either case, great capture! If you'd like to see my edit, you can go here:

Keep it up and thanks for joining in!
Rachel Durik

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rachel. Try out manual mode.. it's amazing the difference. Also I think the light coming in the window IS distracting. next time, if you can, back up from your subject just a bit. This way, you can crop the photo into portrait orientation and get rid of that light all together.

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

This photo is so cute - I love the little grin on his face! :)

I tried to work with your photo, but the file was too low-res. Next time it would be really helpful if you could upload the high-res SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) shot to flickr so that we could download it there to work with.

One thought I had was that if the bright window was distracting, you could always add some color (while editing) to that area to make it less noticeable. This might help tone down the brightness a bit.

Thanks so much for sharing your photo with us this week!

co-founder of I ♥ Faces

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

I'm so sorry I missed the link to your high-res photo...I think I'm going cross-eyed from looking at too many photos today. LOL!

If I'm able I'll try to work on your photo a bit later today.

Thank you so much for letting me know!