Friday, January 22, 2010

Big, Fat Baby

The kidlet had her 15m Well Baby Visit last week.

She's Godzilla-esque.

height: 33"
weight: 30 lb 13 oz
Above the 95% for everything. That's what you get when you were 10lb 6.5oz and 22.25" when you were born, though.

Poor girl had 3 vaxes on top of yet another ear infection. That makes her fifth infection in about seven months. Hello ear tubes!

She is such a funny, funny girl.

She is opinionated and determined. If she doesn't want to do something she'll stomp her feet and shake her head "No no no!" She loves her big brother, the dog and her baby doll. She will fuss until I turn on some music and then she will commence with the booty shaking. The kidlet, kiddo and I had a dance party the other night while the hub was at basketball. Who knew my kids loved Beyonce and Lady Gaga?

She is getting the most adorable curls on the back of her head and I hope to God they stay forever (even if she will hate me brushing through them when she gets older).

She has about 10-15 "words" plus another 6-8 signs but will throw all-out, on-the-floor, leg-kicking tantrums if we can't figure out what she wants (I laugh, I can't help it!).

Man, I love that girl. I love her forever.

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