Friday, January 8, 2010

Having an existensial crisis

Okay, maybe it's not that deep, but I'm still having a dilemma.

After being forced to wear my glasses for the past 10 days due to pinkeye, I decided it was high time I bought a new pair. I'd been almost 5 years since I bought my previous pair and they were just getting old and dowdy-looking.

I had to go in to my optometrist for my annual eye exam this week anyway, so I decided I would browse the frames while I was there.

I don't wear my glasses often -- usually later at night right before bedtime and sometimes on the weekends if I don't feel like putting my contacts in. But when I do wear them, I want them to be cute.

After spending hours (and I mean hours, I accidentally took a two-hour lunch on Wednesday because I wasn't paying attention to the time while trying on frames) looking at and trying on glasses, I came away with three possibilities:

They all have similar traits: They're all squareish frames with wider earpieces (is that what they're called?) The first two are a little more fun and funky while the last is more classic. I really like the first pair, but everyone agrees the beige blends in to my skin tone too much and it looks like I have floating glasses. The second pair might be a little too funky for me, but if I'm not wearing them all the time, does that really matter? And they had to order the third pair in so I could try them on and decide if I like them.

Does anyone else agonize this much about a decision for something they'll only wear about 14% of the time?

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kmm0305 said...

Don't you remember my post on this about a year or so ago? ;) I like all 3 but if the 1st ones blend in to much then maybe not. As for the 2nd I like them and can see you in them, but how long before you can get a new pair? If it is 4-5 years, can you see your self in those that long? I think our insurance will pay for them every 2 years so I can change out often (like my last pair cost about $60 total--score!). That doesn't mean you have to get the 3rd pair, just things to think about!