Sunday, January 3, 2010

A whirlwind, Griswold-style trip

When the football team from my Alma Mater found out which bowl they would be attending, I told the hub we were going, no matter what. Nevermind the fact that we would have to find someone to watch the kids for three days and really didn't *need* to take a 1,500-mile drive.

But we did anyway, and it was a great, albeit very tiring, trip. The hub's best friend joined us on the drive. I love that guy like a brother, and it was definitely nice to have another driver, especially as I contracted pinkeye on the last day of our Christmas vacation and was relegated to wearing my glasses.

We left Iowa on December 30 and returned on January 2. We drove almost 3,000 miles, round-trip, and made our way through eight states (and two snow storms). It was grueling, but we had a very fun time at the football game, celebrating NYE in Phoenix and seeing the sights. We even made a quick detour over to the Grand Canyon. It was gorgeous.

We had great seats for the football game, even though the sun was in our eyes for the first quarter.

Best of all, we won! Barely, but we did.

We even had a complete stranger take our photo, because we very rarely have our photo taken together.

Everyone should get to the Grand Canyon at some point.

It's absolutely breathtaking.

We went in on the very southeast corner, and there was a neat old stone watchtower there.

Hey, look! Another photo of us! I think we've already met our quota for 2010.

Now we're back home, which is a complete pit from all the Christmas stuff that's still strewn about. It's back to real life tomorrow. At least that includes cake at my work for my birthday!


Mom on the Run said...

You two are adorable! You will be glad you had somebody take those two pictures of you when you get old like me!

Go Cyclones! We were cheering for you all the way. And Tempe is a great bowl city....we're hoping to get back to the Fiesta Bowl someday!

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

kmm0305 said...

If a Cyclone fan took the picture, it wasn't a *complete* stranger. ;) You wouldn't have had room for 2 more to ride along! :P

Happy b-day tomorrow, I'm sure I'll talk to you.