Monday, February 1, 2010

iheartfaces - Places I love

This is a week off for the ladies at iheartfaces as they prepare to have fun and hang out with lots of awesome people at blissdom.

In anticipation for Valentine's Day, it's a Photo Story week. And this week it's of all the places you love (or are romantic. Or both!)

The hub and I have had some great opportunities to travel in our 6.5 years of marriage, starting with our honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest. It was an area of the country neither of us had been to, and it was beautiful in the late summer.

It was perfect weather the week we were in Seattle and Portland, and the sights were absolutely gorgeous. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

A year later, a college fraternity brother of the hub's set up a weekend in NYC. Traditionally, the guys had just gone and done some deep sea fishing, but now that most of the guys were married, the women wanted in on the fun, too!

It was my first time in NYC and I fell in love with the hustle and bustle. It's quite a difference from our own little city in the Heartland. I also fell in love with the bridges, and took quite a few photos of them from this trip!

In May 2005, after two heartbreaking miscarriages, we booked a trip to London for the upcoming New Year's celebration as a way to take our minds off everything and have one last vacation together before we [hopefully] took the plunge into parenthood. But Surprise! Two months after we booked the trip, we found out I was pregnant again, and this time it stuck.

I was nearing 30 weeks pregnant when we we traveled across the pond, and it did dampen our plans some - I had grand ideas of hitting pubs and having loads of pints of cider and just enjoying our time there. Plus, waddling around hugely pregnant in 40-degree and drizzling weather wasn't ideal for a hormonal woman, but it was a lovely time and we got to see some sights that I hadn't gotten around to when I lived there for a summer in college.

I loved this shot of the Tower Bridge at sunset.

And the NYE fireworks over the Thames were beautiful (though I could have done without the 2-hour walk back to our hotel due to the tube workers' strike).

In 2007 the same friend from NY arranged another weekend in the city for couples. This time he included a day of winery tours on Long Island and a stop at one of his favorite beaches growing up.

It was breathtaking. The winery tours were fun, too, but that's another story! ;)
Aside from our recent trip to Phoenix for the bowl game, we haven't done much traveling lately. Time, kids and finances don't exactly allow it right now, but we enjoy our time together as a family and love being at home.

Which brings me to another place I love: the farm.
Despite being nervous, scared, excited and unsure about our impending move back to my hometown, I am looking forward to having these views again. The gentle rolling hills, the wide-open blue skies, and, yes, even the cows! It may not be the most romantic place, but it is somewhere I love.

And I'm including this photo from our wedding, even though I didn't take it (I think my sister did).
It's the Campanile at my Alma Mater. Tradition states that you don't become an official student until you kiss under the Campanile at midnight. So it wasn't midnight when this photo was taken, and the hub didn't graduate from my Alma Mater, but I love this photo nonetheless.

Stop on by iheartfaces to learn about the places other people love.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Nallely said...

What a great story! Thank you for sharing!

kmm0305 said...

'Bout time I get some photo credit! Hee hee, j/k. Although I didn't see any credits for your Christmas picture, either. ;)