Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What did we get ourselves in to?

The hub and I (okay, well, mostly me) decided part of our tax return this year would be best spent doing minor upgrades to our kitchen in the hopes that when we get ready to sell our house in a few months, a fresh new kitchen would be appealing to potential buyers.

So last weekend we had our wonderful neighbor over to watch the kids and we went appliance shopping! We bought a new fridge, range and microwave, decided on new flooring and will go back to the home store tomorrow to pick out paint.

Thankfully, our kitchen isn't that large, so it won't take long to paint or put the new flooring in. Unfortunately, our kitchen isn't that large, so there's not much room in which to remove old appliances and items from the counters and get them out of the house so we can put in the new ones.

And did I mention that we hope to get this all done this weekend with the help of my extremely generous in-laws?

The current appliances are old and rather grimy. They were old when we bought the house seven years ago and seven years of constant use and sticky toddler hands haven't done them any favors. The icky vinyl flooring has ugly gouges and cigarette burns on it from the previous owners. It was cheap when it was installed way back when and it definitely shows.

So right now I'm supposed to be helping clean off the kitchen counters in order to get things ready for painting. The plan in my head is we'll get everything cleaned and removed tomorrow and part of Friday, start painting what we can tomorrow, do flooring on Friday, have FIL and the hub go pick up the appliances later on Friday, put them in place on Saturday, do some touch up painting and get everything put back in place by the time the ILs leave Saturday night.

That sounds reasonable, right? Right? However, that is rarely how things go in this house. I should just expect that only about half of that will get accomplished this weekend. We also have high hopes of listing the old stove and microwave on Craigslist and have our utility company come by and pick up the refrigerator for recycling. Only the utility company has a 3-4 week wait on appliance pickup.

That also probably means my meal plan of meatloaf on Friday won't be happening. Nor will Saturday Night Cookie. :(

I just have to keep reminding myself that I'll have a lovely new kitchen, even if I will only be using it for a few months. But hopefully after then I'll have another, even larger, lovely new kitchen. If we ever decide what we're going to do for housing when we move back to the farm.

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