Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend Kitchen update: Part 1- the Before

So yesterday began our whirlwind kitchen update. The ILs arrived at our house around noon, I got home from work about two hours later.

But first, a few Before pics:

Counter near the stove. Wow. You can see the outline of the cookie cutters I had hanging on the wall.

Opposite counter near the fridge. The Everything Gets Thrown Here counter.

Looking right from the doorway.

Looking left. Our kitchen really isn't that big - around 11x11 - and there are three doorways leading into and out of it, so space is kind of at a premium. The work triangle is efficient, it's just, oh, we'll say compact.

Finally, everything is cleaned off the counters and walls.

Ugliest vinyl tile ever. Blech.

Everything that was on the walls, counter, fridge, etc.. all got transferred to the dining room table, which looked like this for most of yesterday and this morning:

That meant the kids got to eat their breakfast yesterday while sitting on the couch. It's a treat that's usually reserved for Sundays, but I don't think they minded. ;)

The kiddo has such social grace, doesn't he? I'm half surprised his hand isn't down his pants a la Al Bundy.

Next up: work shots.

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