Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend Kitchen update: Part 2- during

I was extremely thankful my ILs came yesterday to help. That meant my MIL got to do some of the icky cleaning while I was still at my work. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate my ILs? I know many women who have horror stories of dealing with their ILs, but mine are just wonderful.

Anyway, I didn't have to clean out this:
The side of the stove. Gross. I'm almost ashamed to be putting this out for public viewing.

Or this:
behind the fridge. See all the dirt and dust and dog hair? And after the hub and FIL moved the fridge out, we realized the previous owner 1) did not run the three-prong outlet correctly and 2) did not have a plate cover over said outlet so it was full of dust and junk.

My MIL very graciously took charge of cleaning out those areas. Bless her.

Nice and clean and ready for painting!

The paint color we chose was Cottonwood by Ralph Lauren. Home Depot was clearancing out all their RL paints, though, so we ended up doing a colormatch to a Behr paint. It's a nice soft tan that really warmed up the room.

The flooring we chose is called Corfu by Trafficmaster, available at Home Depot. It's a "floating" plank vinyl flooring, which means it can be installed directly over the previous flooring without having to tear it up or install a new subfloor. It locks onto itself by means of a tacky strip.
The gray tacky strip on the left side of the plank.

Installation really is fairly easy, except for a few dumb user errors by us. You trim the tile by scoring and snapping, and the first plank the hub tried, he snapped off the wrong edge. Whoops!

The instructions call to "stagger" the pieces so they fit and lock together better.

The kitchen part is Finished!

We are mostly happy with the way the floor turned out. It looks absolutely gorgeous, but there are some spots where the planks didn't lock together as well as we'd like. It's probably a combination of installation error and the fact we have an old house with a slightly uneven floor, but anything is better than the hideous vinyl we had previous!

The vinyl ran from the half bath, through the kitchen and out the door to the back stairs. Right now the kitchen is the only part that's completely finished, so we could get the appliances installed.

Currently the hub and FIL are making a Home Depot run for more flooring and a few little things we need to finish installing the stove. MIL and I are just hanging out. I suppose I could be doing something productive like washing and folding laundry, but updating my blog is much more fun!

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