Sunday, March 28, 2010

I have a confession

Despite knowing (and liking) how to cook yummy things from scratch, sometimes I like to take the easy way out.

Like this:
Cinnamon rolls from a can. Yum.

I know they're not as good as homemade ones, and they're loaded with things I can't spell, let alone even pronounce, but they're easy - done in about 20 minutes. And they come with that little can of frosting (which is never enough, but whatevs) that I can lick out once I've finished frosting the rolls.

This is our Sunday breakfast this morning. Sweet Orange rolls from a can.

And they are tasty!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's finally spring!

Although it didn't really feel like it on Saturday when we woke up to this:

Even my poor little daffodils from Daffodil Days couldn't believe it snowed.

At least they helped brighten up my kitchen.

Thankfully, the snow didn't last long. It had already mostly melted by Saturday afternoon.

And even though it was only about 45 degrees out today, the sun was shining and the kids were running wild, so we took a nice walk down to a nearby park.

Everyone had a great time.

Watch me mom!

I don't know why he's insistent on doing the whole Gene Simmons KISS tongue in photos. What a goofball.

The kidlet was a little unsure of the playground.

But as soon as she saw the swings, she was off!


A quick stint at the slides with big brother, but then we were back to the swing.

The kiddo, on the other hand, was busy making a mess, as usual.

I believe this was him putting wood chips on the slide so he could go through them as he came down. Goofball.

He graciously posed for a pic, though I had to tell him twice to smile nice and put his tongue back in his mouth. Goofball.

Such a nice big brother to help push his little sister on the swings.

I like the playground, mom!

But, alas, all good things must come to an end. It was getting chilly and we had supper to eat!

Goodbye, park. Until we meet again, hopefully soon.

I've been practicing more with the manual settings on my camera. Just when I think I have one part figured out, another thing trips me up. I did better with the exposure on these, but was having a heckuva time with the auto focus. Wild children aren't the best practice subjects. But I'll just keep practicing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Such a nice mommy

The kidlet has really taken to baby dolls. There are two other little girls in her daycare class that are only a few weeks younger than the kidlet, and I guess it's all baby dolls, all the time with those three. It's so cute to see her play with them (the dolls and those girls.)

Sweet mommy.

Giving hugs and love to her baby.

Putting baby in her high chair.

And then covering her with a blankie. I guess her babies nap in the high chair!

The kidlet still loves to be anywhere her big brother is, and yesterday they were "playing" on the couch.
(nevermind the mess on the piano.)

Everything the kiddo did, the kidlet had to do, too.
Now, if only I could guarantee they would continue to get along like this through their teenage years!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bubbaloo!

The kiddo turned four on Sunday. How is that possible??

This year he decided he wanted a party at the Playstation, a local kiddie play place that has a whole big jungle gym/climbing area for kids. He'd been to a few other birthday parties there and thought it was just totally awesome.

He was so excited to invite his daycare friends to come celebrate with him, too.

He's all flushed and sweaty from playing. Need some pop, stat!

My totally awesome and talented sister made these really cool Thomas-themed cupcakes

(but not the rings. Those I bought off Amazon. And still have about 20 left. Anyone want any Thomas rings?)

He was a little embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him, but had fun blowing out the candles.

Then came the best part, opening presents!
He got some very nice things, including this Buzz Lightyear, With Karate Chop! (The little boy who gave that to the kiddo was so excited to tell him what it was, he could hardly contain himself. He was especially proud of the Karate Chop aspect. Hee.)

And his favorite, Spencer the train for his train table.

Oh my kiddo. It's hard to believe you once were this small.
Now you're so grown up! We measured him on his birthday, and he'd grown another 1/4" since January. At this rate, he'll be taller than me by the time he's 7.

Love you forever, kiddo.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What up, D?

The kidlet is a total daddy's girl. Total. It's like I'm chopped liver if he's anywhere nearby.

One morning this week, we were getting ready for work when I hear the kidlet is awake and talking in her room. She's chanting over and over, in her tiny little pipsqueak voice "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy." So I push her door open and peek in on her. She has this look of expectation on her face and then it completely falls when she sees its me. As a peace offering, she hands me her sock. Of course, the second the hub sticks his head around the corner and she sees him, she lights up like it's Christmas morning, starts bouncing in her crib and screeches "DADDY!"

She's such a sweetheart, though, I can't hold it against her. Oh my sweet little red-headed girl.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun with cooking!

The kiddo and I made birthday treats for him to take into daycare today because his 4th (!!) birthday is on Sunday.

One kid in his class has egg and dairy allergies. My niece has the same allergies, so I'll often ask my sister for ideas or recipes. This time, we decided to make rice krispie treats, and the kiddo helped!

Stirring is hard work!

You gotta mix it really good.

Marshmallows are sticky.

He did a great job helping! He's really been wanting to help out lately, and we've been giving him small chores to do. I think he likes the "responsibility" and it's nice to have someone help set the table!

I ended up cutting the treats and then rolling them into balls and putting them on a stick (but completely neglected to take photos. :rolleyes: ) They turned out really cute.

I was kind of bummed for the kiddo's classmate; even though I made them with dairy-free margarine and specifically told the teachers that they were dairy-free, they still gave him the alternative treat. It can't be easy always having to get something different than the rest of the kids. At least he can have the egg- and dairy-free cupcakes my sister is making for the kiddo's party on Sunday.

He's going to be four on Sunday!! I still can't wrap my head around that.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I heart faces - hilarious outtakes II

This week is another hilarious outtakes theme on iheartfaces. Everyone has those shots where the camera captured a little something "extra" in the photo, and this is the week to show them off.

I completely forgot about this photo until I was going through some things on our computer. This is from the session I did when I was designing the kidlet's birth announcement. I call it "Blue Steel"

I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

The next I call "Back in the old country"

I'd tied a kerchief around the kidlet one morning for fun and just happened to catch her making a face. My poor kids, I catch them at some of the most inopportune times. They're going to hate these photos when they get older, but I love them!

Head on over to iheartfaces for more hilarious outtakes fun!