Friday, March 5, 2010

Fun with cooking!

The kiddo and I made birthday treats for him to take into daycare today because his 4th (!!) birthday is on Sunday.

One kid in his class has egg and dairy allergies. My niece has the same allergies, so I'll often ask my sister for ideas or recipes. This time, we decided to make rice krispie treats, and the kiddo helped!

Stirring is hard work!

You gotta mix it really good.

Marshmallows are sticky.

He did a great job helping! He's really been wanting to help out lately, and we've been giving him small chores to do. I think he likes the "responsibility" and it's nice to have someone help set the table!

I ended up cutting the treats and then rolling them into balls and putting them on a stick (but completely neglected to take photos. :rolleyes: ) They turned out really cute.

I was kind of bummed for the kiddo's classmate; even though I made them with dairy-free margarine and specifically told the teachers that they were dairy-free, they still gave him the alternative treat. It can't be easy always having to get something different than the rest of the kids. At least he can have the egg- and dairy-free cupcakes my sister is making for the kiddo's party on Sunday.

He's going to be four on Sunday!! I still can't wrap my head around that.

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