Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bubbaloo!

The kiddo turned four on Sunday. How is that possible??

This year he decided he wanted a party at the Playstation, a local kiddie play place that has a whole big jungle gym/climbing area for kids. He'd been to a few other birthday parties there and thought it was just totally awesome.

He was so excited to invite his daycare friends to come celebrate with him, too.

He's all flushed and sweaty from playing. Need some pop, stat!

My totally awesome and talented sister made these really cool Thomas-themed cupcakes

(but not the rings. Those I bought off Amazon. And still have about 20 left. Anyone want any Thomas rings?)

He was a little embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him, but had fun blowing out the candles.

Then came the best part, opening presents!
He got some very nice things, including this Buzz Lightyear, With Karate Chop! (The little boy who gave that to the kiddo was so excited to tell him what it was, he could hardly contain himself. He was especially proud of the Karate Chop aspect. Hee.)

And his favorite, Spencer the train for his train table.

Oh my kiddo. It's hard to believe you once were this small.
Now you're so grown up! We measured him on his birthday, and he'd grown another 1/4" since January. At this rate, he'll be taller than me by the time he's 7.

Love you forever, kiddo.


Cyndi said...

In that last picture where he's holding Spencer, you can totally see his grown-up face. What a beautiful boy. Happy Birthday big boy!! PS The cupcakes are awesome!

WinterBlog said...

how fun! The years go by so fast!