Sunday, March 14, 2010

Such a nice mommy

The kidlet has really taken to baby dolls. There are two other little girls in her daycare class that are only a few weeks younger than the kidlet, and I guess it's all baby dolls, all the time with those three. It's so cute to see her play with them (the dolls and those girls.)

Sweet mommy.

Giving hugs and love to her baby.

Putting baby in her high chair.

And then covering her with a blankie. I guess her babies nap in the high chair!

The kidlet still loves to be anywhere her big brother is, and yesterday they were "playing" on the couch.
(nevermind the mess on the piano.)

Everything the kiddo did, the kidlet had to do, too.
Now, if only I could guarantee they would continue to get along like this through their teenage years!

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