Saturday, March 6, 2010

What up, D?

The kidlet is a total daddy's girl. Total. It's like I'm chopped liver if he's anywhere nearby.

One morning this week, we were getting ready for work when I hear the kidlet is awake and talking in her room. She's chanting over and over, in her tiny little pipsqueak voice "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy." So I push her door open and peek in on her. She has this look of expectation on her face and then it completely falls when she sees its me. As a peace offering, she hands me her sock. Of course, the second the hub sticks his head around the corner and she sees him, she lights up like it's Christmas morning, starts bouncing in her crib and screeches "DADDY!"

She's such a sweetheart, though, I can't hold it against her. Oh my sweet little red-headed girl.

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