Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April ... Sunshine!

It was absolutely gorgeous outside today - sunny, 80 degrees with just a slight breeze. Almost more like June than April. But, hey, I'm not going to complain! Unfortunately, the kidlet is stuck at home with a respiratory infection. Poor baby.

I don't know. Crusty, boogery face aside, does this look like the face of a kid who is suffering?
I didn't think so. This is her doing the "grumpy" face. She's such a silly thing.

We did get on a nice walk today, though, while I was home with her. And I got to take some lovely photos of our tulips!

We have brilliant yellow and red ones. This is what happens when you rototill the soil around your house before you know what the previous owners had planted. You get tulips all over the place.

Some on the south side of our house, some on the east side of our house

Some in the corner, by the irises

Some by the clematis

and even some that are sneaking their way into the front yard.

We are also taking advantage of our neighbors magnolia tree.
This isn't quite as easy to photograph, but it sure smelled good trying!

Our peonies are growing gangbusters and I see the leaves of the lily of the valley poking up on the north side of the house. I love spring!

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