Sunday, May 23, 2010

Four going on Fourteen

It's been a while, I know. I think I need about 10 extra hours in the day to get everything I want accomplished.

But anyway...

There are days when it seems the kiddo is four going on fourteen. The sass! The attitude! The eye rolls! (The eye rolls are the best; he even had the bakery ladies at Target laughing yesterday). There are days when he's absolutely wonderful, and it makes the tough days even more difficult, because we *know* he can be such a good kid.

I'm sure it's all payback, though, because I know I wasn't an angel child (I know, hard to believe). And I have a feeling the kidlet is going to be even more, oh, spirited.

This is what happens when I leave the hub in charge of the kids while I go out for a run. Thank goodness for washable markers!

And then there are the times when the kids are (somewhat) nicely playing with each other and it just fills my heart with joy.

Not the most flattering pic of the kiddo, but isn't that what moms are for? To embarrass their children every chance they can?

Man, I just love my kids.

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