Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot fun in the summer sun

It definitely feels like summer here - temps were in the 90s yesterday. I told the kiddo that we might be able to get his little pool out once the kidlet went down for her nap.

He was very excited!


He liked to duck his head under water and let it run down his face. Goofy kid.

He also had to show me how high he could jump.

Saying goodbye as daddy left to run some errands.

Prune Hands!

This kid is 100% goofy.

But he can be normal if he wants.

The kiddo had a great time splashing. I think if the pool would have been a little bigger, I would have joined him!

I'm getting better at taking my photos in manual mode. There are still quite a few that are either just under- or over-exposed or where the focus is off, but it's getting better.

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kmm0305 said...

I figured Miss M must've been down for a nap when he got to play. ;) You'll have to come visit our new pool with the kiddos.